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Design Solutions

Who we are

Owning 50 more R&D engineers with rich experiences and 3 factories, we are capable of carrying business from concept to commercialization.  


Who you are 

No matter you are e-cig distributor, tobacconist, or anyone in medical institution, health field or who interested in CBD investing,  you can realize your business ideas by clicking " Contact Us".         


How we do

Engineering Verification (EV) usually takes 1-2 months, let's go through all process together: 

1. Product Design

2. Design Review 

3. Sourcing and Prototyping

4. Testing, Improving and Verifying 

Design Verification (DV) & Production Verification (PV)

Design verification and production verification will take almost 10 days separately, including: 

1. Material preparing

2. Trial run 

3. Testing and verification

4. Review and summary 

Mass Production (MP)

This is the last step of all hard work but also the first step for long term cooperation. With high-quality and competitive price, we are expected a win-win.